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Freerk Heule

Dr. F. Heule
+31 71 527 2727

Freerk Heule is guest employee at the Leiden University Libraries.

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(Non-medical) publications 

Heule, Freerk. Li Bai. Gedichten uit T’ang China. Soest: Boekscout. 02-08-2013, ISBN:  9789402201086, 176 pp. 

Heule Freerk, and Shi Ye (). ‘An Evaluation of Robert van Gulik's “The Gibbon in China” and its Place in Modern Sinological Discourse.’ (SERAS) Southeast Review of Asian Studies.  Volume 35 (2013) pp. 141-160. English language.

Heule, Freerk. Li Qingzhao, dichteres uit de Chinese Song Dynastie. Soest: Boekscout. 06-02-2015. ISBN: 9789402214680, 142 pp.

Heule, Freerk, and Shi Ye (). Linguet’s Lettre du Mandarin, a Forgotten Apology for the Jesuits: The Mandarin Wei Zheng as a Model.’ From the Journal of Early Modern Christianity, vol. 2, no. 2, 2015, pp. 257-280. Published Online: 12-05-2015, Published in Print: 12-01-2015, 24 pp.

Heule, Freerk. “Linguet's 'La Pierre Philosophale': An enlightenment fable of the sparrows and the caterpillars.” The Journal of the Oriental Society of Australia, 48, (2016) 74–96. 

Heule, Freerk, and Shi Ye ().Notes on female sexual roles in China in readings from Du Halde, Diderot and Van Gulik.’ Studia Orientalia Slovaca, Volume 16, Issue 1, (2017) pp. 111- 142. 

Heule, Freerk. Storia e prospettivo della Chiesa luterana in Cina e nel Sud-Est asiatico in: Alberto Melloni, Ed. Lutero. Un Christiano e la sua eredità 1517-2017. Book Volume 2, Parte 9, (2017) pp. 1221-1237. Bologna, Il Mulino. ISBN 978-88-15-27318-5. 

Shi Ye (), and Freerk Heule. ‘Research of the early transfer to the west of Nanyue clay art: the Guangdong artisan Chitqua.’ Art Research 2 (2018) pp. 78-98. Chinese language. PM digitaal).

Heule, Freerk. ‘Socio-Historical Notes on Lutheranism in China: 1807-2017.’ Anthropol Open Access: AOAP-115. Volume 2018; Issue 01, 2018, 11 pp.

Heule, Freerk. ‘Thomas Richardson Colledge and Peter Parker, two early nineteenth century  missionary ophthalmologists in China a case of (inter) cultural anthropology.’ Published 7 March, 2018. 12 pp. 39 refs. Anthropol Open Access: AOAP-113.

Heule, Freerk. ‘War and Inner Peace: Li Qingzhao, Female Poet in Song China: A Biography, Poem, and Gender Analysis.’ 22 June, 2018, 16 pp. Anthropol Open Access: AOAP-117.

Heule, Freerk. Linguet, Walpole and Vondel: Enlightenment paradoxes and Chinese thought in letters, plays and pamphlets. With prologue by philosopher Jhr. Prof. Dr. Wiep van Bunge, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, published in 2018, 250 pp.

Heule, Freerk. Chinese Artworks in Helmantel’s Still Life Paintings.’ Fine Art Connoisseur. Sept/Oct 2018 (1) 86-89 (4 pp).

Freerk Heule: Donation enables digitisation of Chinese unofficial poetry journals.’ 2 pp.     

Heule, Freerk. ‘Chinese bibliotheek.’ (persoonlijke bibliotheek ca. 750 ex. vnl. moderne talen), Nederlands, met Inleiding, Afbeeldingen van elk boek, in kleur), Barendrecht, 2002-2020, 172 pp. Self-published. Donation to the Leiden University Libraries Special Collections, December 2022. Also digitally available through the UBL.

Heule, Freerk. ‘Clock-Makers and Time-Theoreticians: Between Europe and China from the 17th Century till the Present Day.’ 16 June, 2021. Anthropol Open Access 4: 137.

In preparation: publicaties on Su Dongpo (book) and Huang Shen (paper).

Leiden, 19-01-2022

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