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Akinyinka Akinyoade


Dr. A. Akinyoade
+31 71 527 6701

For an overview of Akinyinka Akinyoade's research and publications, visit his profile on the ASCL website.

Akinyinka Akinyoade is the Chair of the Researchers' Assembly of the African Studies Centre Leiden. He is a Hydrologist turned Demographer. He obtained a Doctoral degree in Development Studies with emphasis on Population and Rural Development at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague. Akinyinka’s research activities are on population health and development, with special attention on fertility dynamics and family planning in West Africa; migration (human trafficking and forced labour in Nigeria); decentralization (public service delivery in education and health sectors of Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania and Indonesia).

His work experience spans Nigeria (Population Statistician at the National Population Commission); Ghana (Lectured at the Department of Sociology, University of Cape Coast, and provided professional assistance as an Editor in the 5-year multi-round survey of the Demography Unit of the UCC); and Country Coordinator Nigeria for the Tracking Development project that compared development trajectories of Nigeria and Indonesia, recently concluded at the ASCL.

A Senior Researcher at the ASCL, Akinyinka gives lectures on Quantitative Research Methodology; his latest research activities are on migration, food and water security (scenarios for Africa 2020-2050), and agricultural value chains. He is a member of the collaborative research group Governance, entrepreneurship and inclusive development.


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