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All living creatures have to cope with environmental demands and threats that challenge their physical or emotional homeostasis.


Ideally, the pattern of reactions results in an effective coping or adaptation, often enhancing physical or mental functioning. However, it is well-known that acute stress can also lead to acute disturbances in cognition, mood and behaviour, and is a major precipitating and maintenance factor for long lasting disturbances like affective disorders and in the case of severe traumatic stress, posttraumatic stress disorder.

Stress related psychopathologies

Stress related psychopathologies are among the most frequent psychiatric disorders, with a huge impact on individual lives and the society in general. Furthermore, research has shown that exposure to chronic stress during childhood, like emotional maltreatment, has detrimental effects on a child’s psychological and biological development. These effects can persist in adulthood and are related to a variety of behavioural and emotional symptoms which can be present long after the stressor has disappeared.

Meet the LIBC Stress and Emotion co-ordinatores

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