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Leiden Institute of Physics


Organization of the Leiden Institute of Physics.

Management Team

The LION management team (MT) consists of the Scientific Director, the Director of Education, the Institute Manager and a fourth member from the scientific staff. The management team makes all executive decisions and is responsible for the daily management of the institute.


Institute Council

The Institute Council is an advisory council. It advices on matters such as safety, budget planning, possible reorganization plans, the new building and the appointment of a new Scientific Director (WD). In addition, the Institute Council is an important means of communication between the WD and the LION employees. The LION council meets at least three times a year, but it can also be convoked more frequently by the members of the council or the WD, to discuss particular topics.

Please contact one of the members for comments, questions or suggestions. Proceedings of the meetings are available for all LION employees; please email chairman Peter Gast.

Upcoming meetings in 2018 are planned for: March 13, July 10 and November 6.

Click here to read the relevant sections of the facultair reglement, stating the responsibilities of the Institute Council.