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Doris Heinrich Lab (Biophysics of Cellular Dynamics)

Intracellular Transport

Bead microrheology: Analysis of active and passive transport in living cells

Project description

We use microbeads engulfed in simple Dictyostelium Discoideum amoebae or mammalian cells as tracers of the internal cellular activity. We aim at understanding the characteristics of the active transport events that take place in the cell, due to the presence of molecular motors. To reliably extract those events of active motion, we developed an algorithm based on the local analysis of the tracer Mean Square Displacement (MSD) function.

By analysing the passive fluctuations of the bead in the cyoplasm, we retrieve the cytoplasm properties, such as viscosity.From the analysis of the active states, corresponding to kinesins and dyneins dragging the bead along microtubules, we retrieve the motors velocity, their travelling distance, etc.

In order to go further in our understanding of intracellular activity, we study the influence of the tracer size on the measured properties. We can also perturb the system by applying an external force on magnetic beads or by adding drugs to depolymerize parts of the cytoskeleton.

Publications from our workgroup in this field

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  • also linked through the: Virtual Journal of Biological Physics Research 16 (12) (2008)
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