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Media Technology

For students

This section of the website is for current students of the Media Technology MSc programme.

When starting the Media Technology programme, familiarize yourself with the content of this page.

Planning and shaping your own study

The Media Technology calendar shows all events that are officially related to the programme, such as the teaching schedule, information meetings, graduation events, etc. It is a Google Calendar and can be linked within your personal calendar app (ICAL, html).

Students must sign up in uSis for examinations, before the examination is scheduled. Note that presentations or paper deadlines also count as examinations. It is advised to sign up for examinations using the course number. See a proper explanation here.

How to choose and request permission for elective courses is explained on a separate page about Elective courses.

Sometimes students may qualify for course exemption, because they already possess all the skills and knowledge that a compulsory course teaches. Read how exemption works, if you think you qualify.

Students that feel the urge to take on additional challenges can consider taking interdisciplinary Master honours classes. These are taken alongside their regular studies, so they do not contribute to the Media Technology graduation.

Reed more about Master Honours Classes.

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students to broaden their horizons, specialize at international universities, meet international friends, and to build an academic network.

It is possible to study abroad as part of the Media Technology MSc program. However, fitting it within the two years requires forward planning, preparation, and a very pro-active attitude. Visit the university's page on studying abroad, and always contact the study adviser to discuss your plans.

Are you experiencing academic difficulties? Or are you falling behind in your studies due to personal circumstances?

If so, it is essential that you speak to your study adviser/coordinator as soon as possible. He or she can advise you on the best course of action and, if required, assist you in dealing with academic delay.

Being a student can be stressful. Study pressure, living on your own, moving country, financial stress: things can be difficult. Unexpected difficulties may lead to study delay.

Perhaps you could use some extra help, or maybe you’d like some support of a more personal nature? Leiden University has people and departments who will be glad to help in any and all of these areas.


Our community of students, alumni and staff is organized via the Media Technology LinkedIn Group. Members use it to announce events and job vacancies, find alumni with interesting positions, and to keep track of what former class-mates are doing.

Make sure to join if you want to stay updated on events, job vacancies, and our network of alumni.

De Leidsche Flesch is the study association for Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and Computer Science students (yes, this includes Media Technology students). It organises many activities, such as lectures, excursions, study trips, drinks, parties, book sales, pub quizzes and many more. They also introduce students to the corporate world by means of company lectures and company in-house days. Joining the Leidsche Flesch is cheap, fun and a great way to meet others.

The learning management system used at Leiden University is Brightspace. Each course will have its own Brightspace. To get access to a course's Brightspace, you must enroll for the course in uSis. Lecturers cannot do this for you.

Brightspace Pulse

It is wise to install the "Brightspace Pulse" app (by D2L Corporation) on your smartphone and connect it to your ULCN account. You then receive instant notifications of important events and announcements for your courses.

Several items exist that can be borrowed by Media Technology students for project. Due to transitioning of the equipment management system, a list is currently not available.

Your LU Card not only acts as student id. It can also be activated to allow you access to certain rooms and labs. Media Technology students will be given LU Card access to Media Technology rooms.

Here are several points of attention for students in the program, regarding ICT systems.

  • With your ULCN account comes a university email (uMail) address. Important messages will be sent there. Make very sure that you check this email very regularly (like daily). You can also forward it to your preferred personal email address.
  • Your ULCN account provides access to Eduroam, the world-wide education wifi roaming system. Use it if you want to access wifi in a different university, city or country.

Read more about the ICT services.

SURFspot is a not-for-profit ICT online store that offers educational discounts on software, cloud services and hardware exclusively to students and staff of Dutch higher education institutions. It was initiated by SURF, the collaborative organisation for ICT in Dutch education and research. Use you ULCN account to log in.

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