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Leiden Ethnosystems and Development Programme (LEAD)

The Leiden Ethnosystems and Development Programme (LEAD) of the Faculty of Science of Leiden University has been involved since 1987 in several Projects and Programmes in policy-based Training & Research, as well as in International Exhibitions, in Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean Region.

In addition to its academic endeavour to document, study and analyse indigenous systems of knowledge, belief and practice as the ‘cultural dimension of development’ in the subfields of ethnomedicine, ethnobotany; ethno-pharmacology, ethno-agriculture, ethno-ecology, indigenous bio-cultural diversity management and conservation, integrated microfinance management and culturally appropriate higher education management, the LEAD Programme also seeks to further develop a specific IKS-oriented complementary qualitative and quantitative research methodology, based on the special design and implementation of the ‘Leiden Ethnosystems Approach’.

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