Universiteit Leiden

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Graduate School of Science

MSc Programmes

The Graduate School of Science offers 13 MSc programmes spanning the entire spectrum of science ranging from Mathematics, Computer Science, Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, Drug Research, Biology and Environmental Science.

Master's Programmes

We offer 13 MSc Programmes; 
Astronomy, Biology, Bio Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chemistry, Computer Science, Farmacie (Dutch), ICT in Business, Industrial Ecology, Life Science & Technology, Mathematics, Media TechnologyPhysics and Statistical Science for the Life and Behavioural Sciences

Master's Students follow courses that aim at the deepening of their knowledge, and spend an appreciable amount of time in research groups of the institutes. Courses and working classes concern small groups, while the students are in one-to-one contact with a staff member during their research periods.

Information about the Master's programmes available can be found on mastersinleiden.nl.

Enroll in PhD

Those MSc Students that perform excellently are stimulated to enroll in one of the PhD Programmes. The Graduate School of Science will offer them a paid position for four years to do independent research, follow advanced courses and develop personal skills, and finally defend their PhD thesis.