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Practical information

On this page you will find information about facilities you should know about as a PhD candidate at Leiden University.


All PhD candidates need to apply for a LU-Card (Leiden University Card): a personal card for Leiden University staff that gives you access to specific buildings and car parks among other things. The LU-Card also serves as a University ID. You can apply for a LU-Card after activating your ULCN account. More information on the LU-card can be found here.

Workspace (office, IT service, printer)

According to the Leiden University PhD Guidelines, employed and contract PhD candidates are entitled to a desk in the faculty, provided by the institute. For external PhD candidates an office can sometimes be arranged at the institute, depending on the available workspace. Institutes can ask for a (monthly) fee for using the office and printing facilities.

All offices are supplied with desks, PCs and telephones. The PCs are installed with standard software. If you want to install new software for research-related purposes, or have other requests concerning your PC, your network, your telephone, etc., you can contact the ICT Shared Service Centre (ISSC). This central ISSC helpdesk can be reached from 8.30-17.30 hours at 071 527 8888 and via helpdesk@issc.leidenuniv.nl.

For printing, scanning and copying, PhD candidates need a LU-card. Detailed copying and printing instructions can be found here.

Information about a safe and healthy workplace (preventing RSI/CANS) and adjusting your workplace can be found here.


Employed and contract PhD candidates are not charged for printing and stationary costs (pens, pencils, envelopes etc.). These are covered by their institute. You are urged to economise on printing and to use double-sided printing where possible.

Child care

Employed PhD candidates can apply for a place for their children at De Kattekop childcare centre. For more information, see their website.

Dutch language courses

International PhD candidates are encouraged to take Dutch classes. For more information, contact the Academic Language Centre.

University Sports Centre

Employed PhD candidates can join the University Sports Centre (USC) at a favourable rate.

The Leiden University Sports Centre offers more than 50 sports and group classes. Their group classes are all located in the main building of the USC at the Einsteinweg 6. For fitness there are two locations: the Einsteinweg and PlexFit, right in the town centre of Leiden.

For more information visit the USC website. You can contact them by phone on +31 (0)71 527 4610 or by email at sportcentrum@usc.leidenuniv.nl.


Mare is the Leiden University magazine, published weekly during term time. Mare is also available online. The magazine is in Dutch and contains a summary page in English.

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