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Procedures and Forms

Working towards a PhD means conducting research, writing a dissertation and defending your findings at a public defence ceremony.

The PhD Regulations, adopted by the Doctorate Board, set out who is eligible to become a PhD candidate, what the tasks of the supervisor and co-supervisor are and the criteria that the dissertation has to meet. 

It is important that the Dean and the Graduate School of the Faculty and the Beadle of the University have all the information needed for the PhD procedure. The Faculty of Science presents an overview of steps in the formal procedure leading to the public defence. A number of appendices of the PhD Regulations are therefore available that should be submitted at the points in time described in this overview, see below.


The PhD Regulations 2018 have become effective in February 2018. 


Please make sure to download the forms from this page so you have the most recent version.

  • Appendix 2 Letter from the PhD candidate to the dean regarding the willingness of the professor to act as supervisor.
  • Appendix 3 Letter from the supervisor to the Dean regarding approval/rejection of the manuscript of the dissertation.
  • Appendix 4 Licensing agreement for the inclusion of the dissertation in the Leiden University Institutional Repository.
  • Appendix 4a Upload dissertation to the Library for the benefit of the Institutional Repository (IR) of the University (web form)
  • Appendix 5a Letter from the supervisor to the dean proposing members of the Doctorate Committee.
  • Appendix 5c Letter from the secretary of the Doctorate Committee to the Dean regarding the approval of the manuscript of the dissertation by the Doctorate Committee.
  • Appendix 8a Letter from the supervisor to the dean regarding the composition of the Opposition Committee.

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