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Computer Science


Computer science has its roots in mathematics. That is why at LIACS, theoretical research is undertaken by a team of computer scientists and mathematicians. Our efforts are focused on better understanding the fundamental characteristics of specific computational problems.

New algorithms

Our work regularly results in new, faster algorithms. Those results in turn open the doors to a wide range of applications for example in health care, industry and biotechnology.


One subject that enjoys much attention at LIACS is concurrency. In any model, a large number of different systems are often active, simultaneously. They all influence one another. The overall result is a complex system and a huge variety of possible scenarios. The aim of our research into concurrency is to predict those scenarios. In collaboration with biologists for example, we produce models of the many processes that take place in live cells. As a result, it may be possible to predict how a cell will respond to the introduction of an external agent, such as a medicine.


We are also involved in research into coinduction, a relatively new mathematical technique that deals with circular and as a result infinite data structures, comparable to the ‘Droste effect’.