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Computer Science & AI

Computer systems

Researchers at LIACS are working to develop the computer systems of tomorrow. These include high performance computers, capable of simultaneously processing huge volumes of data. In that respect, we are involved in research into grand database systems and in embedded systems, the driver of the internet of things.

High performance computing

A high performance computer or supercomputer owes its massive processing capacity to the fact that it chops a single overarching task into a whole series of smaller tasks. It simultaneously tackles each of those smaller problems. This parallel computing approach makes the system much faster and more efficient. We also work on distributed computing, in which systems perform independent tasks, meanwhile communicating about it among themselves.

Database systems

Data analytics and big data all for other demands on data technology than do the more conventional transactions. We are looking for ways to save the ever growing databases and, at the same time, keep them manageable. Our database system, MonetDB, uses a column store system instead of row store. MonetDB belongs to the worldwide top in data analytics databases.

Embedded systems

From mobile phones through to space probes: an embedded system in which sensors and processors are integrated, makes them ‘smart’. Change the circumstances and they will change their behaviour. They are able to communicate with us and with each other. Our embedded systems research is closely related to the development of the internet of things. Furthermore, we work on field programmable gate array, reconfigurable chips that are specifically suitable for embedded systems.

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