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Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The majority of scientists, from archaeologists through to zoologists, collect huge volumes of data. Their massive databases contain large amounts of information which is difficult for humans to filter. With a solid grounding in statistics, we can develop algorithms for analysing and identifying patterns in the big data from many specialist fields, and apply them to obtain novel insights.

Wide range of projects

Our own researchers work on a large number of projects. We are mapping the interaction between children on the playground, modelling the links between the users of social networks, and retrieving information from handwritten documents. On an organisational level, we have established the Leiden Centre of Data Science, a network of researchers from a range of different scientific disciplines at Leiden University. This centre is associated with the university-wide Data Science Research Programme. They ensure the structured embedding of data  science in the research efforts of all of Leiden University faculties.

Sport analytics

We have an expertise in the analysis of sports data. The outcomes can for example be used to bring about improvements in professional sports, like tactics or materials. We are also able to filter information about match fixing from the overall data, or determine what is needed to get people active. This summer, we are analysing the data of the women's European Football Championship.

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