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Leiden Institute of Chemistry

Molecular Cell Biology

A thorough understanding of the workings of the cell underly the understanding of disease at the molecular level. Revealing the principles of biochemical processes helps to identify the targets for the development of new drugs. At the Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC), we believe that the application of chemical probes and methods offers a key avenue to study biological processes in conjunction with genetic strategies. Influencing biochemical processes, for example lipid or carbohydrate metabolism, with chemical tools is an effective way to elucidate cellular functions in a spatiotemporal manner.


The Leiden Institute of Chemistry aims to hire a talented researcher with an interest in molecular cell biology and biochemistry in relation to human disease. The researcher is expected to develop an independent research line and to integrate in the local, national and international research landscape. A collaborative mind-set is important to work closely with the chemists and chemical biology researchers within the LIC, and also with scientists from the Leiden Academic Centre for Drug Research (LACDR), the Leiden Institute of Biology (IBL) and the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). See for example the Leiden Early Drug Discovery and Development (LED3) hub.


The Leiden Institute of Chemistry is located in a brand new building and has all the facilities required for modern biochemistry and cell biology, with advanced facilities for light and electron microscopy, mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and in vivo studies.


The LIC is responsible for the bachelor programmes “Molecular Science & Technology” and “Life Science & Technology” (jointly with the Delft University of Technology), and for the master programmes “Chemistry” and “Life Science & Technology”. The candidate is expected to develop and teach (advanced) courses in biochemistry and (molecular) cell biology.

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