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ELIXIR Systems Biology Community

Making systems biology modelling a central pillar of research in biology

Katy Wolstencroft
ELIXIR is partly funded by the European Commission within the Research Infrastructures programme of Horizon 2020.

There are 23 countries in participating in ELIXIR.
You can visit the ELIXIR website here.

The ELIXIR Systems Biology Community aims to make systems biology modelling a central pillar of research in biology. Systems Biology uses mathematical models to represent our current understanding of biological processes. Comparing experimental results to model simulation results enables the rapid exploration of hypotheses and more targeted design of new biological experiments. The interpretation of modelling and experimental results together provides researchers with a broader perspective of biological problems. 

In the context of ELIXIR, the Systems Biology Community has two main aims: 

  1. To bring models to the centre of ELIXIR’s effort to integrate and interpret FAIR data
  2. To facilitate the use of ELIXIR’s data, tools, interoperability, compute and training resources by Community participants and members of the wider European and global systems biology community. 
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