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Benefit for all – An ecosystem for a healthy lifestyle

The BENEFIT programme is a public-private ecosystem in a national consortium, aiming to support patients with cardiovascular diseases in their own home setting for a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Katy Wolstencroft
Zon MW

 Zon Mw, LUMC, Hartstichting, Medical Delta

A healthy lifestyle underpins adequate cardiovascular risk management. However, current initiatives to promote a healthy lifestyle are only sparsely connected and often do not involve the patient's environment. To solve this, cardiologists, neurologists, general practitioners, scientists, entrepreneurs, and patients have united in the BENEFIT project.

Our goal is to create a national ecosystem in which evidence-based interventions to promote a healthy lifestyle are embedded in a system that rewards people for taking actions that contribute to such a healthy lifestyle. The central element of this ecosystem is a sophisticated loyalty programme that encourages people to live healthy lifestyles for a long time. No more finger-pointing: it is precisely rewarding a healthy lifestyle that stimulates! The ecosystem we provide connects public and private parties, integrates existing care and lifestyle programmes, has future-proof funding, and is constantly fed by scientific insights. BENEFIT for all!

Read more about this programme here.

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