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Research project

Duality for Interacting Particle Systems

Duality, stochastic processes

2018 - 2022
Frank den Hollander
NWO, Top 1 NWO, Top 1

Frank Redig (TU Delft), Christian Giardina (Modena and Reggio Emilia University/ TU Delft)

Project summary

The project uses the Lie-algebraic approach to duality to analyse two specific classes of interacting particle systems:

  1.  inhomogeneous media;
  2.  genetic populations. 

In part (1) the focus is on transport processes in the context of non-equilibrium statistical physics with spatio-temporal inhomogeneities, in part (2) on populations subject to evolutionary forces. The goal is to uncover new duality structures and to use these to identify scaling behaviour in space and time.

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