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PhD project

Making mentoring match: Mentor teachers' practical knowledge about adaptive mentoring and individual differences between student teachers.

What practical knowledge do mentor teachers have of adaptive mentoring and of individual differences between student teachers?

2007 - 2018
Nico Verloop


Project description

Adaptive mentoring requires professional knowledge

Mentor teachers are expected to adapt their mentoring to a wide array of individual differences in student teacher learning. Mentors therefore need to have knowledge of individual differences and of ways to adapt mentoring to match these differences. Insight into mentor teachers' current knowledge can inform training and selection of mentor teachers.

Professional knowledge is embedded in personal conceptions

The research evidence on mentor teachers knowledge of adaptive mentoring is scarce. Practical knowledge studies show that their professional knowledge is embedded in and related to personal educational conceptions and motivations.

Four topics

  1. What is the relationship between mentor teachers’ mentoring motives and their mentoring conceptions?
  2. What adaptive mentoring activities do mentor teachers articulate in talking about their mentoring practice?
  3. What constructs do mentor teachers use to describe similarities and differences between student teachers?
  4. What adaptive mentoring activities do mentor teachers articulate in relation to individual differences between their student teachers?

A small-scale study

The study is small-scale, and uses interviews and repertory grid techniques. The study uses purposive sampling to select mentor teachers with different mentoring conceptions, through a survey with questionnaire.


Findings will provide input for mentor training and for professional development activities in collaborative professional communities across partnership organizations to support novice teacher learning.

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