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PhD project

Tracing the splices: A creative exploration of 1960s and 1970s experimental rock music through the practice of electroacoustic music

The research project of Yannis Patoukas proposes to explore the different intersections between experimental rock music of the 1960s and 1970s and electroacoustic music, with regard to studio practices and production techniques and their creative possibilities.

Yannis Patoukas

The goal of the research will be to investigate the historical, technical and aesthetic context as well as the mutual feedback relationship between these studio practices and my work as a composer.

The outcomes of this project will be (1) a thesis in which the theoretical ideas, historical insights and critical perspectives will be discussed, and (2) fixed media compositions, open scores for improvising musicians and combinations of the two, which both inform and are informed by the material of the thesis.

By looking into how experimental rock is organised, Patoukas will help other practitioners and researchers to explore a set of compositional tools and rules with a very particular aesthetic value which is in itself very attractive and worth investigating.

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