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PhD project

The confrontation between voice and electronics

The principal aim of this research is to explore the confrontation between voice and electronics. These are often seen as being radically different from one another and many characteristics seem to be in opposition between them. However, they also have characteristics in common and they can
influence and infiltrate each other. This duality of opposition and influence creates a certain field of tension, and it is precisely this which will be the point of focus of this research .

Marie Guilleray-Guénanff

The confrontation between voice and electronics will fundamentally examine emergent relationships between voice and electronics, especially pertaining to constituting the voice’s identity in music, the use of extended vocal techniques and the ambiguity between the vocal and non-vocal sound domains, augmenting the voice with electronics, and relating concepts of embodiment and disembodiment within this context.

Additionally, this approach to artistic research will aim at examining how confrontations between voice and electronics can create new perspectives for both of the voice and contemporary practices utilizing electronics. In particular, research will encompass my artistic practice, as well as a process of artistic experimentation, collaboration with other artists, and the study of the relevant literature.

The outcomes of this research will result in a body of artistic work that includes live performances, fixed-media pieces, installations, the regular presentations of ongoing research to an audience, a written dissertation, and possibly a traditional exhibition or online documentation (website).

Connection with other research

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