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PhD project

Materialization of fixed media music- Towards performance/interpretation of fixed media electroacoustic music

What are the critical elements in sonic materialization of fixed media electroacoustic music and how can these parameters be classified? How would interpretation be defined in performing fixed media music? What are the creative and new ways of presenting fixed media music by incorporating all the presentation aspects?

2016 - 2020
Siamak Anvaritutunchi

Siamak Anvari is researcher at the docARTES programme, doctoral programme in musical arts.

This research concentrates on the performance of fixed media electroacoustic music. While
terms like tape music, concrete music, acousmatic music and so on are based on different
compositional vantage points, the result in every case is music for loudspeakers. Despite the
fact that this music is produced and recorded in a fixed form, its presentation allows for
considerable flexibility and introduce a performative aspect. However, very little attention has
until now been given to this practice and the parameters (artistic and technical) involved in it.
This research entails an investigation into how this music has been presented in both past and
current practice, especially regarding the influence of technological advances in sound
reproduction systems. On the other hand, the reciprocal impact of differing presentation
modes on the development of compositional aesthetics in this music will be examined.
The overall methodology for this project is to present/perform a selection of fixed media
pieces with particular relevance to the question of what performance actually means in this
context, examining the role of the interpreter, the extent to which the spatial character of the
music is an aspect of composition or an aspect of its performance ("diffusion"), or one of the
many possible combinations of both. Some of the case studies will include my own work,
which itself is informed by the artistic research involved in presenting pre-existent works, so
that an optimal feedback cycle will be established between creative, interpretative and
explanatory activities.  


  • Prof.dr. M. Cobussen
  • Prof.dr. R. Barrett
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