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PhD project

An Auteur in Constant Flux:Investigating Transboundary Cinema in Tunç Okan’s Trilogy of Migration

How do we define the works of a film director whose films cross many established boundaries at once?

The proposed project aims to engage in a dialog with Tunç Okan’s first three films, which the project conceptualises as a Trilogy of Migration. This allows the project to investigate the role of the films as “visual constructions of the social field” in relation to the construction and diffusion of cultural identities in the context of migration with their surrounding discourses. 

Okan’s trilogy with its transboundary nature poses a wide range of important questions concerning globalisation, (neo)colonialism, trauma, belonging, (self-)orientalism, occidentalism, self, otherness and home(lessness) from the perspective of often ignored other, the immigrant. 

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