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Research project

Aesopian Fables 1500-2010: Word, Image, Education

This project aims to study the Aesopian fable from 1500 to the present day in its complex relationship between text, illustration and education, adopting a broad, transnational perspective.

Paul Smith

The project is divided into three sub-projects.
Sub-project 1 addresses the metadiscursive reflection on the use of images in fable books – a reflection expressed in the paratexts and the fables themselves.
Sub-project 2 focuses on the fable in France, examining how the illustrated fable has been used in education and teaching, from 1500 to 2010.
Sub-project 3 deals with the emergence of a pictorial genre, the "Tierfabelstück" (animal fable painting), practised by Frans Snyders, Melchior d’Hondecoeter, Jean-Baptiste Oudry and many others.

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