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The giant in the shadow? The Dutch security services in their political, bureaucratic, and societal context between 1912 and 1992.

Who tried to influence the mission and position of the Dutch security services between 1912 and 1992, what effect did that have on the form and contents of the security services? How to account for transformations of the security services?

Constant Hijzen
Leiden University Leiden University

In this PhD-research, which was part of the VIDI project of prof.dr. B.A. de Graaf entitled ‘Enemies of the state’, the history of the Dutch security services between 1912 and 1992 is analyzed. Building on the historiography in the field of intelligence studies and Dutch intelligence history, in this research we try to understand how the security services interacted with their bureacratic, political, and societal environments in the course of time. The goal is to understand how content and form of the security service took shape as a result of this interaction between the leadership of the security services, and the politicians, civil servants, citizens, and journalists in the environment of the security service. In so doing we enhance our understanding of the way organizations in the security domain are formed and transformed in changing circumstances.

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