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Digital Humanitarian Networks: Crisis Management as a Social System

Intelligence of the crowd, or in other words, intelligence of a large, random collective, exists mostly in social media platforms such as twitter. The collective does not comprise (at least not necessarily) experts on crises, just regular people mostly. Nevertheless, there is valuable intelligence to be had from the emergency services perspective.

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Marie-Curie Foundation 
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An increasingly networked and globalised world offers new social and organizational evolutions in crisis management. The Network for Information Technology & Innovation Management (NITIM) programme explores these changes in the works of international PhD fellows. John’s work, looks at the role of digitization, artificial intelligence, and the power of big data in crisis management, and how it has diffused across the global humanitarian and aid sectors.  In this way, John has contributed knowledge concerning the impact that digital capacities pose on international governance frameworks and policies for transboundary crises. As newer information technologies become increasingly more inclusive of citizens around the globe, a new paradigm has begun to take shape that require better linkages with the public as collaborators. These developments offer new opportunities for researchers, students, practitioners and entrepreneurs to understand the bigger picture of modern crisis management, and inform how future management, strategy and policy will be structured among new and old stakeholders in the aid and humanitarian sectors. This work also goes beyond the international-level of crisis management, as it is very relevant for national-level Incident Command Systems and legislature concerning the governance of regional emergencies.


Intelligence of the crowd
social ecosystem
spectrum of personalities
decentralized network
critical situations
micro and macro processes 
variety of actors


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Good Judgment Project 


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