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Change Leadership in times of crisis

Public organizations have been confronted with severe budget cuts as a result of the most recent crisis. Public managers are tasked with the implementation of cutbacks. Using different case studies within Dutch ministries and the prison sector, we assess public managers’ change leadership in times of crisis.

2014 - 2018
Eduard Schmidt
NWO Research Talent NWO Research Talent

The financial crisis that started in 2008 was the biggest recession since the 1930s. Governments throughout the world decided to cut back on expenditure, including on their own organizations. As a result, managers from public organizations were forced to cut back spending within their own organizations.

This project assess how cutbacks are managed by public managers, by focssuing on the different strategies that they use to implement cutbacks. To inquire this, different case studies within Dutch ministries and the Dutch prison sector are carried out, focussing on aspects such as

  • of leadership of public managers,
  • the political-administrative relationships within public organizations, and
  • the role of top management teams in the decision-making process of managing cutbacks.

The findings contribute to theory development on cutback management, leadership and public management.

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