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Agenda Control and Timing of Bill Initiation: A Temporal Perspective on Coalition Governance in Parliamentary Democracies

Governments in parliamentary democracies have limited time in office to fulfill their policy agendas. So, how do they optimise the timing of legislative bills to assure their passage and avoid lengthy parliamentary scrutiny? This question is especially puzzling under coalition governments, in which government bills need to find approval by a partner party in parliament. To study it, Political Scientist Nikoleta Yordanova (Leiden University) and her co-authors propose a dynamic model and innovative circular regression analysis using data on more than 25,000 government bills from 11 parliamentary democracies over 30 years. Their findings offer new insights into the causes of policy timing and delays under coalition governments.

Nikoleta Yordanova et al.
13 September 2021
› American Political Science Review
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