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On the road to justice: some selected suggestions for the future of Social Justice Research

In September 2023 Social Justice Research, a journal from Springer Nature, published a ‘Special Issue on Veteran Reflections’. Eight ‘veterans’ analysed the current status of justice research and suggested new directions and refinements. Herman Steensma, guest member of the section Social, Economic and Organizational Psychology, contributed the article ‘On the Road to Justice: Some Selected Suggestions for the Future of Social Justice Research’.

Herman Steensma
21 September 2023
Social Justice Research: On the Road to Justice: Some Selected Suggestions for the Future of Social Justice Research


In this paper, several aspects of social justice research are reviewed to analyze the current state of the field and to suggest refinements and new directions. The micro–macro-levels problem is discussed, including the policy of affirmative action. A canon of relevant philosophers is proposed. The strong influence of justice principles on social change research, search conferences and group interventions are demonstrated. The information value of social justice theories can be strengthened in several ways. Expanded information value implies increased effectiveness of advice and interventions. Possibilities to integrate justice criteria in total quality management are discussed. Contemporary quality management focuses on triple-P criteria: people, planet, profit, highly relevant for basic and applied justice research. The current state of the social justice discipline is rather good, but there is room for improvement. Finally, interdisciplinary research is the future, in particular for studies to solve complex societal and global problems.

The full article is accessible via the homepage of the journal. The journal hopes the special issue will stimulate exciting new research.

Source: Springer Link

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