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L’offre plurielle de sécurité dans le Grand Tunis: Quelles alternatives à l’État pour combler le «vide» sécuritaire?

After the 2011 revolution, Tunisian cities witnessed the emergence of citizen neighbourhood protection committees attempting to maintain order. These informal groups did not last long, but they challenged the state’s monopoly on legitimate force. And up until now the state has not yet convincingly restored its purported (though contested) pre-revolution efficacy. This case study (in French)—conducted as part of the NWO/Clingendael Institute project ‘Plural Security Insights’—highlights how the dilemma of security provision in Tunisia is part of a crisis of trust between society and state institutions.

Hatem Kahloun, Souhaïl Belhadj & Corinna Jentzsch
13 July 2016
Plural Security Insights
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