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Intergroup helping

The aim of 'Intergroup helping' is to provide an overview of psychological research on intergroup helping, such as between countries or organisations, or in case of international crises. Co-editor Esther van Leeuwen has been an assistant professor at Leiden University in Social and Organisational psychology. Co-editor Hanna Zagefka is a Reader in Social Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Esther van Leeuwen, Hanna Zagefka (Eds.)
04 July 2017
Intergroup Helping

Historically, research on intergroup relations has largely focused on negative intergroup interactions, such as prejudice or discrimination. This, and the fact that most of the research on helping has focused on individuals, meant that helping between (members of) different groups was largely overlooked. However, over the last decade, a small but growing group of researchers has started to investigate intergroup helping as a social act occurring between and amongst groups. The contributions of these expert researchers, which are summarised in this volume, make the case that intergroup helping should be studied as a phenomenon in and of itself, not as a mere expression of positive intergroup attitudes.
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