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Dimensions of Free Speech: An Exploration of a New Theoretical Framework

In ‘Dimensions of Free Speech’, Devrim Kabasakal Badamchi (Leiden University Institute of Political Science) offers a new theoretical framework for free speech by critically analysing the major justifications for free speech. Kabasakal Badamchi argues for a justification: namely the double-grounded principled approach that combines and revises the arguments of equal autonomy and democratic participation at the same time. It claims that a revised and critical blending of these two justifications can serve free speech to be grounded on strong principled arguments. The book has both a theoretical and practical focus: first, it discusses the conceptual circumstances of free speech and major justifications of free speech and then, it applies the developed theoretical framework to the cases of academic freedom, media freedom and hate speech separately. ‘Dimensions of Free Speech‘ will appeal to readers who are interested in general free speech theories as well as readers who look for an alternative view on specific topics such as academic freedom, media freedom and hate speech.

Devrim Kabasakal Badamchi
17 January 2022
› Springer Publishers
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