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On electronic signatures of topological superconductivity

Promotor: Prof.dr. C.W.J. Beenakker

M. Diez
08 September 2015
Thesis in Leiden Repository

Topological superconductors are a novel type of superconductors that carry Majorana particles at their boundary. These surface states are equal superpositions of electrons and holes, and hence are their own anti-particles. There has been a recent surge of theoretical and experimental effort to realize these special particles in the lab. While first observations support the theoretical predictions, fail-safe experimental evidence for Majoranas is still needed. Part of the challenge is that due to their vanishing charge they are not easily detected electrically. The topic of this thesis is the proposal and study of electrical signatures of Majoranas that are present in spite of their charge neutrality. By applying scattering and random matrix theory we first examine their generic properties. With the tool of numerical simulations we then put our predictions to test on realistic systems.

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