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Metastability for low-temperature Kawasaki dynamics with two types of particles

Promotor: W.Th.F. den Hollander, Co-promotor: F.R. Nardi

Alessio Troiani
30 October 2012
Thesis in Leiden Repository

In the thesis we investigate a model of a low-temperature and low-density lattice gas with particles of two different types in a finite volume surrounded by a gas reservoir in which the two types of particles have different densities. We consider a binding energy U > 0 between particles of different types. A Hamiltonian energy function is defined on the space of configurations and particles move according to Kawasaki dynamics. We study how the system nucleates, i.e., how the transition from the configuration where the finite volume is empty to a configuration where the volume is filled with a large checkerboard cluster happens and investigate the metastable behavior of the nucleation.

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