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The word and the deed

On Wednesday 24 January 2018 Margaret Kuiper defended her doctoral thesis ‘Het woord en de daad’ (The word and the deed). Her supervisors are Professor E.R. Muller and Professor T.A.H. Doreleijers. Co-supervisor is Dr J.A. van Wilsem.

Margaret Kuiper
24 January 2018
News item PhD defence Margaret Kuiper
Leiden University Repository

Kuiper’s research deals with written threats and emails which are made to persons in the public domain, or at central government level as described in the Stelsel van Bewaken en Beveiligen(Surveillance and Protection System) of the Ministry of Security and Justice, 2013. At the central government level this concerns persons for whom, including related objects or services, the security and unhindered functioning of which is of national interest, such as: the members of the Royal Family, government members, members of the Senate and House of Representatives, the leaders of political parties, or members of the Board of Procurators General.

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