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Related Party Transactions and Corporate Groups: When Eastern Europe Meets the West

On 1 April 2020, Ivan Romashchenko defended his thesis 'Related Party Transactions and Corporate Groups: When Eastern Europe Meets the West'. The doctoral research was supervised by Prof. S.M. Bartman en Prof. A. Radwan (Kaunas, Lithuania).

Ivan Romashchenko
01 April 2020
Leiden Repository

The dissertation offers a comprehensive description of rules and regulations on Related Party Transactions (RPTs) and corporate groups in Ukrainian corporate law. Besides Ukraine, the following jurisdictions were chosen for analysis: the Netherlands, Germany, Poland and the EU overall. The author investigates how and to what extent RPTs are covered by the existing legal requirements on capital protection and corporate group regulation, highlighting experiences and strategies adopted in the studied jurisdictions. Beyond his comparative analysis of the current status, the author offers recommendations for more effective handling of RPTs in Ukraine, investigating such aspects as the following: what constitutes a corporate group and how group issues are regulated in the various legal systems; what constitutes a conflict of interest originating in ownership and control and what types of such conflicts occur; whether RPTs within corporate groups should receive special treatment relative to transactions outside groups; combatting corporate raiding, most often carried out through illegal seizure of corporate assets; approval and disclosure requirements for RPTs; and how information about RPTs is disclosed publicly.

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