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Mass Torts in Europe

In recent years, the issue of mass tort litigation and the fair and efficient settlement and adjudication of mass torts has drawn increasing attention in academic discourse, legal practice and policy debates.

Willem van Boom & Gerhard Wagner
01 October 2014

Mass Torts in Europe", co-edited by Gerhard Wagner (Berlin) and Willem van Boom, is devoted to European perspectives on mass tort litigation. The book adds to the existing literature by collecting a number of case studies mostly on European tort cases and, by combining these with thematic chapters in which the challenges concerning mass torts are mapped, explored and analysed from a European perspective. By implication, this book thus combines substantive law and procedural law aspects on the one hand, and issues concerning the practical operation of law and related mechanisms of behaviour modification and dispute settlement on the other. As a result, this book does not only involve reference to ‘the law in the books’ but extends well into the domain of ‘the law in action’.

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