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Technology integration in education: policy plans, teacher practices, and student outcomes

Despite the value of technology integration for educational equity and quality being emphasized by numerous studies, many gaps exist about how technology integration can be approached in policy plans, implemented in pedagogical practices, and embraced by teachers, students, and parents.

Jingxian Wang
06 July 2021
Fulltext in Leiden Repository

In the current dissertation, the focus is on teachers’ pedagogical practices with technology in primary and secondary education, contributing to a more detailed understanding of what happens to integrate technology into the teaching and learning processes. Given this goal, we examined the different teaching and technology practices considering the concerted efforts of various stakeholders at different levels and contexts.

Five studies were performed on: (1) an overview of the link between local information and communications technology (ICT) policy plans and the ICT practices of rural schools; (2) rural teachers’ use of digital educational resources aimed at promoting digital equity and education for all; (3) rural teachers’ sharing of digital educational resources aimed at promoting teacher professional learning opportunities and development; (4) (a meta-analysis on) the effectiveness of various mobile technology usage on learning outcomes in primary and secondary education; (5) the relationships among teacher beliefs, classroom process quality, and student engagement in smart classroom learning environments in secondary education.

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