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The characteristics of a negotiated assessment procedure to promote teacher learning

The literature indicates that teacher professional development and learning may be improved by using formative assessment procedures. This thesis focuses on a specific form of formative assessment, negotiated assessment, which is characterised by the exchange of views between assessor and assessee and the extensive involvement of the participants (assessees) in their own assessment procedure.

Christel Verberg
18 April 2013
Fulltext in Leiden University Repository

The participants negotiate with their assessor about several aspects of the negotiated assessment procedure. Assumptions in negotiated teacher assessment are that the opportunities for negotiation might promote the development of a sense of agency in terms of teachers feeling in control of their learning and assessment processes and feeling able to pursue their learning objectives. This thesis covers four studies in which different aspects of negotiated assessment were examined. Its aim was to gain more knowledge about a negotiated assessment procedure to promote teacher learning in the area of stimulating students’ reflections. The results show that very little negotiation took place during the dialogues. Despite the lack of negotiation during the assessment meetings, the teachers reported a strong sense of agency. Overall, the teachers’ opinions indicated that the elements of the negotiated assessment procedure facilitated their professional learning. The contribution was particularly seen in change in their knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and practice.

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