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Student-teachers' commitment to teaching

The motivation of student teachers for the teacher's profession depends on various factors. Teacher training can influence the commitment of students.

Ikupa Moses
07 September 2017
Leiden University Repository

Her research shows that the commitment of students to the teacher's profession is an important predictor for their intention to actually engage in this profession. This commitment also plays a role in the satisfaction of teachers with their profession and determines whether they remain a teacher.

The research was conducted in Tanzania at the teacher education department of a major university. In this study, 3246 students participated who were studying to be a teacher in secondary education.

The extent to which students feel involved in the teacher's profession are explained by a number of factors:

  • Attitude towards the profession and the subject in which they teach;
  • Satisfaction with the teacher training;
  • The support that students experience of significant others

Educators of student teachers can play an important role in developing interventions in the curriculum, aimed at promoting a positive attitude towards the teaching profession.

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