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Graphing formulas by hand to promote symbol sense: Becoming friends with algebraic formulas

In this research we have studied how teaching graphing formulas by hand (i.e. sketching a graph of a formula) could promote grade 11- and 12-students’ symbol sense.

Peter Kop
18 November 2020
Fulltext in Leiden Repository

In various types of teacher professional development (TPD) programmes, peer feedback is commonly used as an effective learning activity for teachers, because it can provide valuable learning resources and triggers participants’ reflection and behaviour change. However, previous studies usually focus on the entire TPD programmes, instead of studying teacher peer feedback specifically.
This dissertation set out to provide both an integrated framework for the practices of teacher peer feedback and an in-depth understanding of teacher peer feedback in the Chinese vocational education context.
In total, five studies are included in the dissertation. The first study is a literature review that aims at modelling the implementation of peer feedback and providing fundamental information for future studies. The next four empirical studies are conducted in the Chinese VET context, and they separately focus on the effect of a peer feedback-based programme, teachers’ learning mechanisms through peer feedback, participants’ evaluations on feedback, and the characteristics of expert feedback.

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