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Words and Laments: A Narratological Analysis of Esmāʻil Fasih’s War Novel, The Winter of 1983 (Zemestān-e 62)

Saeedeh Shahnahpur defended her thesis on 13 September 2016.

Saeedeh Shahnahpur
13 September 2016
Leiden Repository

This dissertation analyzes Esmāʻil Fasih’s war novel, The Winter of 1983 (Zemestān-e 62, 1985) from a narratological standpoint to illuminate how this novel differ from other Iranian wartime novels, since it explores numerous themes and perspectives on the war not explored by the war novels of this period. Whereas many wartime novels describe the active role of the working class in participating in the war, The Winter of 1983 chiefly portrays the upper class’s role, and especially their outlook on the war. In addition, Fasih’s war novel exposes the war the Iranian cities end up in ruins due to the war, an oft-neglected aspect of the war. This dissertation also considers how The Winter of 1983 might be differently categorized, as a novel with a moderate or neutral outlook on the war, the central reason being that the novel features both positive and negative aspects of the war.

Supervisors: I.B. Smits Co-Supervisor: A.A. Seyed-Gohrab

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