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Unearthing Literature: The Case of Hussein Barghouti

Haneen Omari defended her thesis on 29 October 2019

Haneen Omari
29 October 2019
Leiden Repository

This dissertation moves beyond the usually imposed representative nature of Palestinian literature by taking the works of the Palestinian author Hussein Barghouti (1954-2002) as a case study. Many of Barghouti’s writings were seen as detached, individualistic, and unrelated to the harsh and pressing realities of Palestinian life. The argument that is proposed in this dissertation, however, is that Barghouti’s works exemplify a disruption of familiar expressions regarding notions of political engagement, illness and death, and literary innovation. The dissertation adopts the body as a thematic trope and a methodological framework for conceptualizing Barghouti’s calls for creative modes of writing and cross- generic experimentations

Supervisor: Prof. dr. P.M. Sijpesteijn
Co-supervisor: Prof. dr. Z. Elmarsafy (King's College London)

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