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The Turn of the Soul

The Turn of the Soul: Representations of Religious Conversion in Early Modern Art and Literature

Lieke Stelling, Harald Hendrix and Todd Richardson (Eds.)
01 January 2012
Published by Brill

The religious upheavals of the early modern period and the fierce debate they unleashed about true devotion gave conversion an unprecedented urgency. With their rich variety of emotive, aesthetic and rhetoric means of expression, literature and the visual arts proved particularly well-adapted means to address, explore and represent the complex nature of conversion. At the same time, many artists and authors experimented with the notion that the expressive character of their work could cultivate a sensory experience for the viewer that enacted conversion. Indeed, focusing on conversion as one of early modern Europe’s most pressing religious issues, The Turn of the Soul demonstrates that conversion cannot be separated from the creative and spiritual ways in which it was given meaning.

Contributors include Mathilde Bernard, John R. Decker, Xander van Eck, Shulamit Furstenberg-Levi, Lise Gosseye, Chloë Houston, Philip Major, Walter Melion, Bart Ramakers, E. Natalie Rothman, Alison Searle, Lieke Stelling, Jayme Yeo and Federico Zuliani

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