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The Radicalization of the Left in Turkey and Iran in the 1970s and a Comparative Analysis the Activist Women's Experiences

Sevil Cakir-Kilincoglu defended her thesis on 18 December 2019

Sevil Cakir-Kilincoglu
18 December 2019
Leiden Repository
The clandestine revolutionary politics for women was marked by an environment in which gender roles and expectations were constantly challenged and reproduced as a result of the extraordinary conditions under which they had to live and operate. These conditions were not stable but evolved and transformed in a dynamic environment in which not only various political actors were involved and interacted, but also the repercussions of their actions were influential on various levels. This study claims that, what the women involved in the clandestine revolutionary movements in Turkey and Iran in the 1970s experienced at the micro level was directly related to and influenced by both the macro level developments and political settings, and the meso level processes and mechanisms. Instead of holding only certain characteristics of the regimes, societies, or organizations responsible for the character of the women’s experiences, this study argues that causal mechanisms which played a significant role in the radicalization processes of the leftist movements in Turkey and Iran could also help us account for the similarities and differences between the women’s experiences in the two cases.
Supervisor: prof. dr. T. Atabaki
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