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Territoriality and choreography in site-situated performance

The research project examines the site-specific event within the field of installation art and choreographic practices.

K.G. Guttman
01 November 2020
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Central to the research is an experimental and performative use of my own bodily presence embedded within a site, fusing the material art works and environment with the encounter and temporal context of their appearance. Situating the departure point of the research within a “politics of location,” (Adrienne Rich), the work interrogates notions of hospitality, entanglement, and relational space through critical theory and post-colonial discourses in the contemporary Canadian and Western European context.

The vast, multidisciplinary field of contemporary choreographic practice is broadly defined here as the writing of movement through space and time. (The origins of the term choreography is composed from the Greek khoreia 'dancing in unison' and from the Greek graphos-  something drawn or written.) The project examines the relation of contemporary choreographic practices within and through the historical imprint of colonial spatiality, proposing counter-choreographies to the dominant designations and operations of urban and domestic space.  

In the research, the act of framing is akin to the act of territorialization. “With no frame or boundary there can be no territory” (Elizabeth Grosz). Choreographic and installation practices (re)-de-territorialize, re-frame and re-purpose the site as a transitional place aligned to multiple inter-actions, affects and significations. Through a writing of positions, sequences, durations, tempos, insertions, directionalities, proximities and designations, a site emerges anew with each new score, ceaselessly re-constituted through praxis.

The research aims to develop interdisciplinary methods and practices that create a profound and inter-subjective engagement with a site, negotiating the relational space of artist and audience, in a reciprocal loop of how the event influences the site and the site influences the event.

Prof. dr. Janneke Wesseling
Prof. Frans de Ruiter


Solo Exhibition Visiting Hours k.g. Guttman

Gallery TPW Toronto

Visiting the image by Matthew-Robin Nye

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