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Seeking Futures, Shaping Pasts: The fragmented nature of the political in Kashmir

Idrees Kanth defended his thesis on 7 May 2019

Idrees Kanth
07 May 2019
Leiden Repository

The thesis has been an attempt to make sense of the political discourse in Kashmir from the early 1940s till the emergence of the popular uprising in the Valley towards the late 1980s. The thesis has tried to underscore the fragmented nature of the political in Kashmir, and the implications it has had on the politics of the region, particularly on the politics of rai-shumari (self determination) and aazadi. These inner fragments or contradictions that underline the political life in Kashmir may be attributed, as the thesis has sought to argue, to the multiple political subjectivities that constitute ‘Kashmiri people’ as a community.

Promotor: Prof. dr. N.K. Wickramasinghe
Co-supervisor: Dr. E. de Maaker

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