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De gemaskerde krijger : de menpō in de 16e en 17e eeuw

Bas Verberk defended his thesis on 6 September 2016

B.M.J. Verberk
06 September 2016
Leiden University Repository

In this research Japanese armor masks are analyzed within the context of the Japanese mask culture. Essentially armor masks have a protective function and are, within the Japanese mask culture, the only masks which are not used for theater, dance or religious processions. The roots of menpō or “armor masks with facial features” are unknown, therefore, the subject is approached from the existing Japanese mask disciplines. The diversity and the connections with existing mask disciplines, especially nō masks, shows us that the Japanese armor masks form an integral part within the Japanese mask culture. This study provides new insights into the approach of form, function and meaning of the Japanese armor masks.

Supervisor: W.R. van Gulik

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