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Kidung Surajaya: Suntingan Teks, Terjemahan dan Analisis Makna Isi Teks

Kartika Setyawati defended her thesis on 12 November 2015

K. (Kartika) Setyawati
12 November 2015
Leiden University Repository

Supervisors: Prof. dr. B. Arps and Prof. dr. W van der Molen (KITLV) 

The Kidung Surajaya is one of the literary works in the collection of Merapi-Merbabu manuscripts, preserved in the National Library of Indonesia. The present study aims to uncover the narrative elements that make up the story as told in the kidung. Because the kidung is written in Middle-Javanese in the so-called Buda variety of the Javanese alphabet, the text has been transliterated to the Latin alphabet for the sake of easy access. The analysis is completed by a translation into Indonesian. This study focuses on the text and does not pay attention to the background and the beliefs of the author. The results of the study show that the Kidung Surajaya is a story about lelana brata, the journey of a student named Surajaya. His journey is a tirthayatra, in the sense that he visits holy places as well as holy men. Surajaya’s tirthayatra also means his crossing from one place to another until, eventually, he reaches moksha. The purpose of the poet to write the Kidung Surajaya is to chant the mantra "hung" whose form exists in twenty characters.

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