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Micro-Blogging and Media Policy in China

Yuxi Nie defended her thesis on 15 October 2019.

Yuxi Nie
15 October 2019
Leiden Repository

My research includes both qualitative and quantitative analyses of the public discourse in Chinese online media platforms. Throughout my research, I have incorporated a variety of digital tools for data analysis. My study of China’s geopolitical strategy with respect to the current Belt and Road Initiative and its challenges ahead is to understand how digital media are shaping the communicative strategies of the traditional mass media in contemporary China. By examining the intertwined relations among traditional mass media, social media platforms, China’s cultural governance and policy-making mechanisms, my research also expands our understanding of how the advances of the ICTs influence the government’s communicative strategies.

Supervisor: prof. dr. Stefan Landsberger
co-supervisor: dr. Florian Schneider.

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