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Graciliano Ramos and the Making of Modern Brazil: Memory, Politics and Identities

The complexities of modernization in Brazil and Graciliano Ramos significance for our understanding of Brazil today.

Sara Brandellero & Lucia Villares
01 June 2017
University of Wales Press

Graciliano Ramos and the Making of Modern Brazil brings together updated criticism in English on the work of the prominent Brazilian writer Graciliano Ramos (1892-1953), a key figure in understanding the making of modern Brazil. Building on existing literature, this book innovates through chapters that consider issues such as Ramos’s dialogue with literary tradition, his cultural legacy for contemporary writers, and his treatment of racial discrimination and gender inequality through the multifarious, provocative and enduringly fascinating characters he created. The volume also addresses the question of Ramos’s political involvement during the years of the Getulio Vargas government (1930-45), to revisit established readings of the author’s politics. Through close reading of individual works as well as comparative analyses, this volume takes readers into the complexities of modernization in Brazil, and highlights the writer’s significance for our understanding of Brazil today.

‘This volume of essays represents a welcome reappraisal of the works of a Brazilian writer whose innovative portrayals of poverty, social inequality, small-town life and economic migration are still surprising and relevant, more than fifty years after they were first published.’ Dr Claire Williams, University of Oxford

‘Not before time, a collection of essays by some of the best-known scholars in Brazilian Studies, writing about one of Brazil’s greatest writers. A valuable addition to Graciliano Ramos’s bibliography in English or any language, for academics and students alike.’ Professor M. M. Lisboa, University of Cambridge


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